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Autism: Why My Son?

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Born in Nkongsamba, Cameroon, Stephanie Maty is an exceptional mother of four children. This multi-faceted woman is an outstanding entrepreneur, coach, mentor, speaker and real estate investment advisor.
She currently works in the NHS (National Health Service “UK”) within the Human Resource Management Team.
It was through her personal experience as the mother of an autistic child that she set up the charity “Steph Together” which aims to support mothers of children living with a disability.


The author, who has experienced pregnancy several times, will go through one of her pregnancies in a particular way. During this process, which she describes as "never experienced before", she gave birth to a boy who was affectionately nicknamed "Happy Boy" by his father and who came into the world with "a disease".
Before the birth of her son, Stephanie Maty had no knowledge of the disability that is called Autism. Terrified at the idea that Stephane, her only son, will not be like the others. This mother will initially call upon health specialists who, after thorough examinations, will define what she thought would cure with time, as "a condition"...
"AUTISM: WHY MY SON?" is an autobiography that shows the path taken by a courageous woman, an exceptional mother on how to best accompany her son in his mental evolution.


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