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Standing with the Homeless

It’s estimated that 280,000 people are homeless in England means that one in every 200 people find themselves without a home. Many people already living with financial pressures made worse by the coronavirus pandemic have been pushed over the brink into homelessness and are finding themselves sleeping on the streets, hunkered down in sheds and garages, stuck in unsuitable accommodation or sofa surfing.

At Steph Together, we believe that every single person deserves a home to call their own. A shelter out of harm’s way, where they can be at peace at the end of every day. Years of living on the streets can have devastating effects on a person, both physically and psychologically (including Depression, Dementia, Malnutrition and Pneumonia), but housing can begin to help to cure that.

Helping the Homeless in the UK.

Homelessness is a serious problem and phenomenon, caused by urban inequality, cyclical economic disruptions, housing instability and mass unemployment. If we consider the territory of England, the number of people sleeping rough at night peaks to more than 230 thousand in Q1 2019, and what worries the most is the growing trend over time: the authorities report a growth of 20 thousand people in the past 3 years. Only in London, over 10 thousand people are reported to be sleeping rough, and this number is growing exponentially since the start of the pandemic (+21%).
By decreasing these statistics, we help to contain the drug epidemics, increase the access to medical care, improve the general health of the population living in need, fill gaps in job offerings, increase the educational levels, and improve social justice.

What We Do

STEPHTOGETHER C.I.C is a Christian believe community whose mission is to give hope and love to men, women and children who are trying to break the wheel of homelessness. We aim to help homeless people who are keen to get off the street and help them to start a new life, by bringing the message of the cross with us to them to adhere to the community. We believe that everyone should have a place where they call a home. It is not always about having a fancy home, a brand new TV, or a leader sofa. It is about having that space for yourself, where you can shower, have a rest when you. That place that you can call a home and a home is where you make it happen.

Our Mission

Steph Together's mission is to give hope to men, women and children, whatever their background, needs, problems, ethnicity, nationality or faith, who are trying to break the wheel of poverty and homelessness. We commit to a vision of a London where everyone has a place to call HOME.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

We provide a couple of options to get involved in our activities in supporting homeless people. Learn more on how you can contribute in solving homelessness.

Empowering Homeless People and Families

People Empowered

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How You Can Get Involved

Visit our Donation page to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

At Steph Together, we don't only believe in donating cash, but also in physically supporting the homeless. Most at times, they just want to be listened to and have non-judgemental chats about their situation. Solving inequality issues in the society is not a one-man feet, let's partner together to help the homeless. Contact us and tell us your availability.

Sponsor Program

Our Sponsors enable us provide the appropriate support to the homeless by donating in cash and in kind(non-perishable food, gifts of clothing, temporary housing). We are proud of all our sponsors and invite everyone to donate anything they can. Have some old stuff just lying around the house which could go a far way to help the homeless?


All donations goes in to our fund for the homeless. We work with several local businesses and partners to provide low-cost accommodation, food, medical and professional support to the homeless.