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Join us at StephTogether.org in spreading joy this holiday season! Support children with special needs and make their holidays brighter. Together, let’s create moments of love and care. Click to learn more and make a difference today!

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Meet Our Visionary Founder

Discover the driving force behind our mission, the visionary mind that sparked it all – our Founder. Learn more about their inspiring journey and unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference.

A Heartwarming Holiday

This Christmas, join us in creating a truly magical and inclusive celebration for our exceptional children with special needs. Let’s spread joy, love, and warmth to make this season unforgettable for every child in our community. Your support and kindness will light up their world. Together, let’s make this a special Christmas they’ll cherish forever.

Project Overview

Discover the heart behind this initiative and the impact it strives to create. Learn more about this project and its mission to make a difference in the lives of those it serves.

Christmas Project for Autistic & Disadvantaged Children (April 2021

In April 2021, the ‘You Are Not Alone Association’ embarked on a heartfelt initiative—creating the ‘Christmas Project for Autistic and Disadvantaged Children.’ This altruistic endeavor aimed to bring joy and support to those often overlooked during the holiday season. Discover the origins of this heartwarming project that aimed to spread cheer and inclusivity to those in need.

Empowering Vulnerable Children

This project aims to create lasting memories for disadvantaged children. Provide support, promote inclusion, and help every child thrive. By addressing unique needs, it ensures every child’s potential is celebrated, transcending circumstances.

€50,000 in 15 Days: 100 Special Children

Help us uplift 100 special children! Your donation of any amount within the next 15 days will make a lasting impact. Join us in creating a brighter future for these remarkable kids.

Donate to Help Disadvantaged Children This Christmas

Join our cause this holiday season by becoming a donor in our crowdfunding initiative. Your contribution will directly support disadvantaged and disabled children, bringing smiles and hope into their lives. Every donation counts. Make a difference today.

Embracing Santa’s Role for Special Hearts

In anticipation of becoming Father Christmas for these exceptional children, I imagine the immeasurable joy awaiting. Envisioning their smiles and happiness already feels like a divine blessing, illuminating the true spirit of the season. The prospect of being Santa for these incredible souls promises to fill my heart with an anticipated warmth beyond words.

Make a Difference Today

Your generosity matters. Donate now and help change lives cause it will mean the world to these special children.