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Our Programs

At Steph Together, we believe in providing people with the right support they need to re-integrate with the society and we do this by rebuilding their self-esteem, self-worth, strengthening their sense of value and enabling them become contributors to the community. Our support programs for the homeless includes providing low-cost housing, basic necessities for everyday living; food, clothing, providing a job placement network, career coaching and mentoring, and mental health support programs. Our team is made of expert counselors, health practitioners, educators and real-estate agents who help train and support the homeless.

Low-Cost Housing

With our partners, we place the homeless in low-cost housing across London. Some of the houses are provided by sponsors which we use as temporal housing for our people

Basic Necessities Assistance

We also provide basic necessities to the homeless like clothing, food, books and other products that they may need depending on their health or physical needs.

Job Placement & Networking

Through are professional networks and partners, are able to provide jobs and referrals for homeless to get jobs, we go as far as giving them assistance on other needs they may have to start work.

Career Coaching & Mentoring

At Steph Together, we try to equip the homeless with the appropriate knowledge on how to grow their careers and how they can re-enter the job market and grow in their careers especially during this pandemic.

Skills Development & Training

As much as we train the homeless with soft skills at the job, we also try to teach them some hands-on skills like gardening, painting to allow them make money to support themselves temporarily.

Mental Health Support

We provide mental health support to the homeless ensuring they are supported with any mental challenge they may face from drug abuse or due to other health challenges. Our programs are led by expert counsellors and social works.

Our work in the community made us realize the need for a wide range of partnerships we needed to build. So, we also partner with other CICs, NGOs and professionals who are in the field to support other vulnerables groups including but not exhaustive of teenage pregnancy, autism, drug addictions. Chat with us today to share your ideas and skills.

How You Can Get Involved

Visit our Donation page to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

At Steph Together, we don't only believe in donating cash, but also in physically supporting the homeless. Most at times, they just want to be listened to and have non-judgemental chats about their situation. Solving inequality issues in the society is not a one-man feet, let's partner together to help the homeless. Contact us and tell us your availability.

Sponsor Program

Our Sponsors enable us provide the appropriate support to the homeless by donating in cash and in kind(non-perishable food, gifts of clothing, temporary housing). We are proud of all our sponsors and invite everyone to donate anything they can. Have some old stuff just lying around the house which could go a far way to help the homeless?


All donations goes in to our fund for the homeless. We work with several local businesses and partners to provide low-cost accommodation, food, medical and professional support to the homeless. 

We've Raised over £10,000

We appreciate every contribution donated towards the homeless and we ensure that every penny meet those intended for.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Solving inequality is not a one-man feet, let's come together to protect and assist the vulnerable, they are part of our community.


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